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Sample Submissions

When samples are to be submitted to us or to a diagnostic lab for strain isolation please contact us before hand so that we can ensure that the appropriate sampling is carried out.

All media used by Ridgeway Biologicals in the manufacture of our vaccines is TSE-risk compliant. In order for bacterial isolates to be used in vaccine manufacture it is required that they have been isolated and submitted on TSE-risk compliant media. Submitting laboratories are therefore asked to supply isolates on TSE-risk compliant media.

Where this is not possible, Ridgeway Biologicals can supply the submitting laboratory with TSE-risk compliant media for the re-isolation of isolates. If you have not already supplied Ridgeway Biologicals with information on media used for sending in isolates, or are unsure, please call.

Packaging cultures on agar plates for posting to Ridgeway Biologicals

To comply with Post Office Regulations, bacterial cultures on agar plates must be sent through the post in suitable biohazard boxes as described below.

Biohazard boxes and Clinical Sample Submission Forms can be supplied by us. Swabs may be sent in a sealed plastic bag inside a padded bag.

Instructions for packing agar plates:

  • Seal plate lids to plate bottoms with tape
  • Wrap absorbent material around the plate(s) and seal in a plastic bag.
  • Put into the plastic canister and attach the canister lid
  • Place canister into the external cardboard box
  • Insert completed Clinical Sample Submission Form
  • Seal box and affix address labels for both sender and recipient

We will re-issue the biohazard box to you on receipt of a culture from your laboratory.


 Please click here for a Sample Submission Form