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Information for Veterinary Surgeons

Our autogenous vaccines have to be manufactured according to our manufacturing  licence for which standard information is required:

Orders must be confirmed in writing, including the number of doses, and the date required. You are required to supply the name, address and postcode of all farms involved; this may include the rearing site. The VMD require to be satisfied that the isolate(s) to be included in the vaccine are epidemiologically linked to the site(s) where the vaccine is to be used.  You will need to supply as much information as possible about from where and how the strain(s) was isolated, the symptoms of disease, the morbidity or mortality rate etc. If Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd did not isolate the strain, you will need to confirm that the method of isolation complies with our TSE risk assessment.

The VMD require that the use of an autogenous vaccine is fully justified, particularly if there are other commercially available vaccines or treatments. If a fully-licensed vaccine is available, you may be required  to explain why this is not being considered.

Before we can release an autogenous vaccine, and in addition to our laboratory quality control tests, it is required that the vaccine be tested for safety in the target species on site (termed the On Farm Safety Test). You must ensure that the farmer is aware of this requirement and indicate if the vaccine sample for this test is to be sent to your practice or the farm.  It is important to take this into consideration when ordering the vaccine.

From receipt of isolate(s) we can produce site specific vaccines typically within 8-10 weeks. All our vaccines are manufactured under the control of our QA systems which are overseen by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and formulated specifically for the requirements of each client.

For every batch of vaccine that we manufacture we will supply a copy of the batch release document,  issued by the VMD, together with the relevant product data sheet and safety literature for the records of the prescribing veterinary surgeon.