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Our Facility


Working in modern environmentally controlled facilities, our team of skilled and experienced Production technicians employ a variety of techniques to manufacture high quality vaccines, tailored specifically to meet individual customer requirements.

With the equipment, techniques and skills available to us, we are able to produce a wide range of autogenous vaccines within relatively short lead times, in order to meet the customer’s needs. The quality of our products are maintained through a combination of strict adherence to fully validated methods and procedures and rigorous quality testing.

We are constantly seeking out more efficient methods of manufacture in order to bring down lead times and costs to our customers.

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Microbiology QC Laboratory

Staffed by fully trained and multi skilled Mictobiology Technicians, the Laboratory at Ridgeway performs several distinct functions:

1.  Diagnostics, Receipt and storage of isolates.

Customers are welcome to submit  post mortem samples for detection, isolation and identification of isolates, alternatively clients may submit clinical isolates. Isolates will be checked and stored at – 80°C  for use in future vaccines. 

2.  Production Initiation.

Utilising isolates from our customers sites, the Laboratory progresses the frozen isolate  to a suitable growth stage, before handing to the Production Department for Vaccine manufacture.

 3.  QC testing and product release.

 At all stages of the production process, the Lab performs QC testing to ensure the quality of the finished product. Tests are carried out to defined procedures and against set specifications, including Pharmacopeial tests where applicable.

 4.  Development

To enhance the Companys ethos of continuous improvement development work is undertaken to assure customers of High Quality processes and products.

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