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Quality Assurance

The premises and production systems of Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd are licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for the manufacture of Autogenous veterinary vaccines.

We operate a formalised quality management system based on the requirements of Eudralex Vol 4 Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines. The objective of the quality management system is to ensure that our vaccines are fit for intended use.  They must comply with our manufacturing licence, must not place animals at risk due to inadequate safety or quality.  Our aim is to maintain customer confidence and satisfaction by good manufacturing practices with high standards of support.

Manufacturing and testing is carried out to defined procedures and against set specifications. All procedures, protocols, test methods and specifications are reviewed and approved by the independent Quality unit. All batch records are reviewed and approved by the Quality unit before release of vaccine product. A program of self-inspections is in place with a view to continuous improvement of the quality management system and we are regularly inspected by the VMD for compliance with veterinary medicine legislation.

Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd recognises that delivery of quality products and services is essential to success of the Company and is the responsibility of every employee.

We are committed to understanding the requirements of our customers, both within and outside our Company, and providing products and services that meet our quality standards and the performance and safety standards our customers expect.

In order to satisfy the above requirements, we will develop, implement, enforce and provide resources to establish and maintain an effective management system that will include:

  • Compliance with contract requirements and product technical specification
  • Timely delivery of products, which are of consistent quality, safety and reliability, which are fit for their intended use.
  • Minimal waste and re-work.
  • The identification of quality problems, associated corrective/preventive actions and a commitment to continual improvement.
  • Customer satisfaction and enhancement of the Company’s reputation.
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance with applicable international standards.